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Tom Clark's 30 Minute Fun Show is the third podcast from Boink Studios! Tom and his trusty sidekick Wesley share their everyday lives, as they attempt to uncover the secret of human existence on this small planet. Mostly they just drive around and talk about stuff. It's a family friendly show, as Dem Clark Boys do nothing but have a good time and live life! For more content, go to

Aug 19, 2017

Welcome to Tom Clark's 30 Minute Fun Show! As summer winds down, Tom and his trusty sidekick Wesley find themselves once more on the road! This time out, the weather is holding up--or is it? It's vacation time for Dem Clark Boys, so it's been a week of doing things and going places, but it's not over yet! Where is the next destination? What sort of trouble will they find now? Just how many idiots are surrounding them? What's happening in the world? Let's go!

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